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Tuesday, June 28 | Summary of the Day
7:30 am
8:30 am
Thought Leadership ForumREAD MORE


The 2016 Thought Leadership Forum at the Green Sports Alliance Summit will convene the corporate community including sports industry vendors, sponsors, and partners for an interactive and engaging discussion on how collaboration, innovation, and creative thinking across industries can advance the green sports movement.

  • Welcome & Closing: Scott Jenkins | GM, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, AMB Sports & Entertainment Group; Board Chair, Green Sports Alliance
  • Introduction: Rick Penn | Director, Global Sales & Sports Partnerships, Olympic & Sports Solutions, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Introduction: Betsy Wilson | Senior Director of Communications, UPS
  • Moderator: Joe Khirallah | Founder & CEO, Green Bear Group
  • Anastasia Behr, PhD | Technology & Sustainability Leader, Olympic and Sports Solutions, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Dave Newport | Director of the Environmental Center, University of Colorado Boulder; Board Member, Green Sports Alliance
  • Molly Ray | Director of Global Sustainability, Office Depot
  • Kerri Strand | Sustainability Solutions Manager, UPS


9:00 am
Morning Venue ToursREAD MORE

Space is limited, sign-up during registration is required. Learn more.

  • Minute Maid Park
  • NRG Stadium
  • Rice University
11:30 am
Women, Sports & the Environment Symposium & LunchREAD MORE

*Sign-up required to attend.

The fourth annual Women, Sports & the Environment Symposium is a uniquely collaborative opportunity for the audience to engage in a roundtable brainstorm of solutions to challenges presented by a panel of women leaders from different sectors of the sports industry. The Symposium invites both men and women to an energetic conversation about how to further advance the green sports movement and our own personal careers through the inclusion of the unique perspective of women. Attendees will network while discussing how to use sports as an instrument of change to address environmental and social issues.
The annual Women, Sports and Environment Symposium is one of the many ways that the Green Sports Alliance works to elevate the perspective of female thought leaders working at the confluence of sports and the environment.

  • Facilitator: Jennifer Regan | Principal & Chief Sustainability Officer, We Bring It On, Inc.
  • Elaine Aye | Principal, Green Building Services
  • Sonya Jury | Senior Associate, Project Manager, HOK
  • Catherine Kummer | NASCAR Green Innovation and STEM Platforms, NASCAR
  • Jami Leveen | Director Marketing & Environmental Stewardship, Sports and Entertainment, Aramark
  • Tiffany Richardson, PhD | Sports Management Lecturer School of Kinesiology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
2:30 pm
Afternoon Venue ToursREAD MORE

Space is limited, sign-up during registration is required. Learn more.

  • Toyota Center
  • University of Houston, TDECU Stadium
5:00 pm
Opening SessionREAD MORE
  • Introduction: Marko Blagovic | Global Business Director, Olympic & Sports Solutions, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Scott Jenkins | GM, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, AMB Sports & Entertainment Group; Board Chair, Green Sports Alliance
  • Interviewer: Joe Khirallah | Founder and CEO, Green Bear Group
  • Interviewee: Mayor Kevin Johnson | Mayor, City of Sacramento
6:30 pm
Opening ReceptionREAD MORE
  • Introduction by: Carl Mittleman | President, Aramark Sports and Entertainment
  • Chef Demonstration by: Dominic R Soucie | Executive Chef, Aramark

Wednesday, June 29 | Summary of the Day
7:30 am
8:00 am
UPS Mini-Session | UPS Sustainable Transport SolutionsREAD MORE
  • Patrick Browne | Director of Global Sustainability, UPS


9:00 am
Opening Plenary: A Conversation on Industry Partnerships with Green Sports Alliance LeadershipREAD MORE
  • Moderator: Joe Khirallah | Founder and CEO, Green Bear Group
9:30 am
Teamwork in Action: Partnerships that are Moving the NeedleREAD MORE

The sports vertical is one of the most prevalent leaders in marketing goods and services to the world. Companies are increasingly leveraging the sports industry as a vehicle to advance their sustainability platforms and promote environmentally better products and services.

Based on consumer demand, there are growing opportunities for new team and venue partnership activations around environmental initiatives. Companies from product categories that historically have not marketed within the sports industry are beginning to step in and take advantage of new opportunities. Panelists will discuss emerging environmentally-focused partnership opportunities for teams and venues, how these partnerships help advance the goals of both the parties, and what the future holds for sustainability partnerships in the sports industry.

  • Moderator: Aileen McManamon | Founder and Managing Partner, 5T Sports Group
  • Marko Blagovic | Global Business Director, Olympic & Sports Solutions, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Christine Brown | Head of Corporate Marketing, NRG
  • Mike Higgins | GM & VP of Sales, Elgin Sweeper
  • Jamie Hindhaugh | COO, BT Sport & BTTV
  • Bruce Stewart | CMO & SVP, Constellation
10:40 am
Collegiate Waste Reduction Awards PresentationREAD MORE
  • Emcee: Joe Khirallah | Founder and CEO, Green Bear Group
  • Alec Cooley | Keep America Beautiful
  • Tyler Rubright | Biologist, US EPA
  • Stacy Wheeler | President, RecycleMania
11:00 am
ABM Mini-Session | Striving For Zero Waste Through JanitorialREAD MORE
  • Patrick Belzberg | ABM


11:30 am
Powerful Partnerships | Cities – Why You Want Us on Your Team!READ MORE

Cities across the world are tackling some of the most challenging environmental issues, most notably climate change. Innovative cities drive environmental progress, often serving as living laboratories for initiatives which are then adopted at the regional and national levels of government. Partnerships with cities can provide teams, venues, leagues, and events with an opportunity to prominently join these efforts in a wide variety of ways, to further their reach on environmental issues and engage fans. When cities launch voluntary sustainability engagement programs that align with the environmental goals of local sports teams, interesting opportunities to collaborate may arise. These presentations on Houston, Austin, and San Jose, among the nation’s top twenty cities for population and ethnic diversity, will detail the value proposition of city partnerships. The presentation will also provide specific partnership examples including successful efforts from Major League Soccer, Circuit of the Americas, the National Hockey League, minor professional baseball and hockey leagues, and collegiate football.

  • Moderator: Kunal Merchant | CEO, Lotus Advisory Ltd
  • Zach Baumer | Climate Program Manager, Office of Sustainability, City of Austin
  • Lisa Lin | Sustainability Manager, City of Houston, Texas
  • Jo Zientek | Deputy Director, City of San Jose
Lessons from the Field | Extending the Play: Bringing Sustainability to Community Ice RinksREAD MORE

Local ice rinks across North America serve as the social and cultural hubs for their communities. Hockey is impacted by the health of these facilities – their operations directly affect the access, affordability and enjoyment of the game for players of all ages. There are approximately 4,500 community ice rinks in North America, and with an average age of over 23 years, many of these facilities are inefficient and in need of refurbishment. This panel will cover the state of community rinks and the sustainable upgrades and strategies now available to refurbish rinks that will help revitalize neighborhoods and grow the game of hockey for generations to come, while also illustrating how a similar approach may be applicable to other sports, facility types, and communities.

  • Introduction: David Doll | Industry Principle for Facilities, OSIsoft
  • Moderator: Mike Richter | U.S. Hockey Hall of Famer; President, BrightCore Energy
  • Jim Cain | President & Owner, Firland Management
  • Greg Fox | Director, Business Development, Constellation
  • Ian Storey | President, I.B. Storey International (IBSI)
Design & Innovation | Energy Storage: A Game-Changer for Sports Venues?READ MORE
Sports venues, by virtue of their irregular operations schedules and the impact of demand charges, typically pay higher than average rates for electric power. While this presents challenges to venue operators, recent breakthroughs in energy storage technology have created new opportunities for sports venues to save money and potentially bring in incremental revenue by using on-site battery storage. In this session, representatives from Tesla Energy and StubHub Center, home of the LA Galaxy, will discuss how a breakthrough energy storage project in Carson, California, is enhancing implementation of on-site renewable energy. In January 2016, StubHub Center installed 20 Tesla Powerpack commercial batteries for the purpose of shifting venue load from peak to non-peak periods, and to reduce event-related demand spikes. In addition, the units can interact directly with the California grid and earn revenue for the venue by providing valuable services to the grid (dermand response). The installation is expected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. This presentation will benefit venue owners, managers, and operators by outlining the process and economics of battery storage installation at a sports venue.
  • John Marler | Senior Director, Energy and Environment, AEG
  • Jake Millan | Business Development, Tesla Energy
Health & Wellness | Healthy Air & Healthy Sport: Reducing Air Pollution Associated with Sport OperationsREAD MORE

Reducing energy, waste, and water associated with sports operations is no longer the exception but an expectation. Indoor and outdoor air pollution, however, associated with transportation, pre- and post-game activities, and in-game functions are important areas of sustainability that are often overlooked. At sporting events, sources of air pollution include vehicle use, venue operations, and fan activities. While air pollution reduction strategies are still in infancy, monitoring and proactively combating indoor and outdoor air pollution at events can be leveraged as a positive point of difference for progressive sport event managers. This panel will discuss how sport organizations can work toward clean air for all fans and players through monitoring, education, advocacy, and working with stakeholders to reduce pollution. Speakers will demonstrate the importance of air quality, potential health effects related to pollutant exposure, identify relevant pollutants at sport events, and provide operational strategies for reduction.

  • Moderator: Dr. Jonathan Casper | Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
  • Dr. Kyle Bunds | Assistant Professor, NC State University
  • Dave Kestenbaum | Director, Certification for Sustainable Transportation at The University of Vermont
  • Steve Levine | President and CEO, AtmosAir Solution/Clean Air Group
Collegiate Sports | Organizing as a Conference: A How-to from the Pac-12READ MORE

In 2015, the Pac-12 became the first NCAA conference to have all conference members join the Green Sports Alliance, after representatives from Pac-12 universities came together to work on sustainability in Division I athletics as a team. Representatives from each school initially came together in the summer of 2014 to draft goals for the group, and met periodically to continue discussions on individual and collective efforts. Since this collaboration began, the group of campus representatives have implemented three successful waste diversion competitions with 100% of campuses participating each time. This panel will discuss how campus representatives organized and set themselves up for ongoing success, and provide tools and tips for getting other athletic conferences organized. Speakers will also outline lessons learned, and challenges and opportunities faced as they collaborated as a conference.

  • Moderator: Dave Newport | Director of the Environmental Center, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Halli Bovia | Sustainability Manager, University of Southern California
  • Myron Willson | Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer - Sustainability Office, University of Utah
  • Jamie Zaninovich | Deputy Commissioner & COO, Pac-12 Conference
Hot Topics | Tips, Trends, & Hurdles: Sustainability Certifications & Reporting in Sports - LEEDv4, WELL & CSRREAD MORE

Come learn from three experts in the green building industry about the latest trends in building certifications and reporting protocols that include LEEDv4 and WELL, and how these programs support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting goals. Processes, strategies and timelines will be examined, along with benefits, challenges and lessons learned. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the differences and synergies across these tools, as well as practical strategies for implementing internal communications, corporate protocols, and reporting synergies. Applicable to new construction as well as existing buildings and organizations, this workshop is of particular relevance to corporate decision-makers, facility operators, and sustainability managers who want to streamline the sustainability processes for their building portfolios. Audience participation and questions will be included in each presentation segment, encouraging attendees to discuss each certification or reporting tool. The session will conclude with an engaging Q&A on all three tools and how they relate. This informative, interactive session is perfect for individuals interested in exploring synergies between certifying their buildings with LEED and/or WELL, conducting CSR Reporting, and applying these frameworks to greening their portfolio.

  • Moderator: Chris DeVolder | Vice President, Sustainable Design Leader of Sports + Recreation + Entertainment, HOK
  • Elaine Aye | Principal, Green Building Services
  • Carlie Bullock-Jones | Founder and Principal, Ecoworks Studio
  • Cindy Sisson Hensley | Consultant, Delos
12:45 pm
Lunch & Exhibits
1:30 pm
Lighting Science Mini-Session | All Light is Not Created EqualREAD MORE

LED technology offers sports stadiums significant benefits over traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, providing 28 percent more light than HIDs, consuming 54 percent less electricity and creating improved viewing experiences for fans.

Although LED technology continues to improve, and costs continue to decline, at present only about 5 percent of U.S. sporting facilities have currently made the switch to more environmentally-friendly LEDs.

All that may be about to change, however, thanks to an increasing body of research which shows that the right spectrum of light, delivered at the right time of the day, can provide significant physiological benefits, including improved cognitive function and reaction time—for as long as up to 90 minutes after exposure.

In this fascinating session, Lighting Science Group Founder and Chief Technology Officer Fred Maxik discusses how technology that he originally developed to help NASA astronauts regulate their circadian rhythms during space travel, is currently being used by some athletic franchises as a competitive advantage to help improve athletic performance, speed healing and mitigate the negative effects of jet lag.

  • Fred Maxik | Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Lighting Science Group


2:00 pm
Mini-Session | The Logistics of the Circular EconomyREAD MORE
  • Patrick Browne | Director of Global Sustainability, UPS


2:30 pm
Health & Wellness | From Field to the Field: Strategies for Sustainable Gameday FoodREAD MORE

The dining experience is an integral part of the game day experience. However, traditional game day food typically consists of items that provide little nutritional value and have a high environmental impact. In 2015, the Green Sports Alliance released the Champions of Game Day Food Game Report, which provides a detailed summary of successful game day food greening programs at professional sports venues across North America, promoting ecologically intelligent food systems. This report demonstrates the multitude of opportunities for innovation that reduce environmental impact. In addition to the environmental benefits of food greening programs, integrating sustainable and healthy options at sports venues provides for unique activations with concessionaires and sponsors that can enhance the fan experience.

This panel continues the conversation around sustainable game day food programs by bringing together concessionaires, chefs, and venue operators to discuss strategies for incorporating sustainable food and serviceware from conception to delivery to disposal. Speakers will provide examples of successful strategies for local sourcing and sustainable menu design, and share how combining food waste with compostable food serviceware is enabling zero waste at sports venues.

  • Introduction: Steve Davies | Director, Public Affairs & Communications, NatureWorks
  • Moderator: Darryl Benge | EVP & General Manager, Amalie Arena
  • David Lee | President & Founder, Field Roast Grain Meat Company
  • Jami Leveen | Director Marketing & Environmental Stewardship, Sports and Entertainment, Aramark
  • Jase Miller | Manager, Ballpark Operations, Minnesota Twins
  • Chef Michael Tuohy | Executive Chef & General Manager, Legends Hospitality, Golden1 Center
Design & Innovation | Making the Switch: Products & Practices for Installing LEDs in Sports VenuesREAD MORE

For decades, the lighting of sports and multipurpose venues has been dominated by energy intensive metal halide lighting with marginally acceptable color rendition at best. LED technology is now poised to make metal halides obsolete in the sports lighting market. From reduced operational costs to improved broadcasting resolution, LED lighting at sports venues can have a positive impact on a sports venue's bottom line and environmental footprint. Yet, many owners and operators remain uncertain of what questions to ask and the right way to implement LED lighting. This session will share observations and findings from an independently-funded 2015 study of LED venue lighting, and present case studies of sports venues currently using LED lighting systems.

  • Moderator: Ryan Evans | Director of Sustainability, Co-Director of Henderson Research, Henderson Engineers, Inc.
  • John Hwang | CEO, PlanLED
  • Xavier Luydlin | VP, Operations & Labor Relations, Centre Bell
  • Ginger Rucker | Senior Lighting Designer, Research Lead, Henderson Research
Powerful Partnerships | Harnessing the Power of Partnerships: Building a Sustainable Sports TeamREAD MORE
In 2013, renowned sailor Sir Ben Ainslie created a British America’s Cup sailing team. From its inception, the team has embraced sustainability as a central operating principle. Key to their successful sustainability platform is engaging partners to develop innovative solutions, and to create lasting legacies in communities where America’s Cup events are held. Through their corporate and community partnerships, the team has set out to influence not only the America’s Cup and the sport of sailing, but the entire sailing industry. This session will showcase how sports teams can harness partnerships to achieve their sustainability objectives and impact neighboring communities. Panelists will describe the team’s sustainability journey thus far, and will focus on the partnerships it has developed and seeks to develop to inspire change across the sport.
  • Ian Ellison | Sustainability Manager, Product Development, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Jamie Hindhaugh | COO, BT Sport & BTTV, BT
  • Jeremy Pochman | President, 11th Hour Racing
  • Jill Savery | Sustainability Advisor, 11th Hour Racing
  • Susie Tomson | Sustainability Manager, Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing
Collegiate Sports | Selling Sustainability: Marketing & Sponsorship for Collegiate SportsREAD MORE

Over the past decade, colleges and universities have made significant progress improving the environmental performance of their athletic operations. When it comes to maximizing marketing and sponsorship opportunities around these programs, however, a great deal of potential remains untapped. Collegiate sports greening initiatives and programs provide a unique platform to engage fans and generate new sponsorships and activations, while building positive public perception and brand value.

Through the perspective of the multimedia rights holders, this session will explore how sustainability is opening new doors in collegiate sports sponsorship and marketing. Panelists will discuss the value of integrating sustainability and sports marketing, current trends in marketing and activations, and overcoming the challenges of environmental marketing in sports.

  • Co-Moderator: Whitney Wagoner | Director, Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, University of Oregon
  • Co-Moderator: Izabel Loinaz | Program Manager, Center for Sustainable Business Practices, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon
  • Tom Fletcher | RVP, West, IMG College
  • Tara Huntress | Senior Account Executive, UT Austin Longhorn IMG
  • Brandon Leimbach | Senior Manager, Business Development, Learfield Sports
Lessons from the Field | GAME CHANGERS: How Sustainable Professional Sports Franchises are Reinventing HoustonREAD MORE

In a city better known as the Energy Capital of the World and typically associated with the oil and gas industry, Houston’s professional sports franchises and the facilities they call home are breaking the mold by taking strong leadership roles in the community to raise awareness of, and implement, sustainability. From solar canopies and electric vehicle charging stations, to orchestrated “Bike to the Game” events, the Dynamo, Astros, Rockets, and Texans have each made significant, long-term commitments to sustainability initiatives that are changing the way we all think of Houston. In this panel discussion, speakers representing Houston’s four pro sports teams will discuss the many ways that Houston pro teams have taken the lead in implementing sustainable strategies in venue operations and marketing campaigns that shape the overall fan experience. Their efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of their facilities and to explore new, innovative approaches to educating and engaging the local community are truly changing the game.

  • Moderator: Dirk Kestner | Principal / Director of Sustainable Design, Walter P Moore
  • Marcel Braithwaite | Senior Vice President of Building Operations, Houston Astros
  • Paul Byrne | Vice President of Operations, BBVA Compass Stadium
  • Rick Fredette | Director of Operations, NRG Park
  • Scott Manley | VP of Arena Operations, Toyota Center/Houston Rockets
Hot Topics | Going Global: An International Sports & Sustainability Fireside ChatREAD MORE
Sport presents unique opportunities to foster environmental stewardship and peace across societies. Since the ancient Olympic Games, sport has been a vehicle used to bridge borders, cultures, and allegiances. Today, sports federations and leagues are well positioned to address environmental and social issues across cultures and languages! Building and operating a global framework for environmental action in sport is both challenging and rewarding! Cultural differences can give rise to regional sets of environmental and social priorities. Bridging these national considerations, so that the intended message is relevant across various borders, even in different languages, requires a careful approach. This session highlights industry experts who are championing environmental responsibility in sport around the globe. Panelists will discuss different models for building an international framework, the application of international standards, identifying and addressing values across regions, and the value of forging international partnerships. Join this session to learn how sport is being leveraged to promote the environment and social good around the world. Come hear about the greening of sport in Europe, Australia, Asia, and across the Americas! After the session, join us for a special International networking session.
  • Introduction: Anastasia Behr, PhD | Technology and Sustainability Leader, Olympic and Sports Solutions, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Moderator: Edgar Farrera | Director of Sustainability, Circuit of The Americas
  • Kattia Hernandez | Director, International Environmental Commission, FIM
  • Geert Hendriks | Head of Projects, AISTS
  • Dr. Sheila Nguyen | Executive Director, Sports Environmental Alliance
  • Jonathan Smith | Chief Executive, Golf Environment Organization (GEO)
4:00 pm
Networking Happy Hours
7:00 pm
2016 Green Sports Celebration at BBVA Compass StadiumREAD MORE

*Separate ticket required.

The Green Sports Celebration event will take place in conjunction with the 2016 Green Sports Alliance Summit in Houston, Texas. Join us to for an evening at BBVA Compass Stadium, celebrating the achievements of the green sports movement. The evening is dedicated to the Green Sports Alliance Environmental Game Changers Award Ceremony, including the presentation of the Environmental Leadership Award and the Environmental Innovators of the Year Awards. Learn more >>

Thursday, June 30 | Summary of the Day
8:00 am
DriveMG Mini-Session | How to Tell Your Sustainability Story with ApparelREAD MORE

Did you know that 8 bottles can become one shirt? Drive Marketing Group and Recover together provided the New York Yankees and BASF with 100% recycled garments to help them tell a bigger story around sustainability. See, touch and win examples of recycled shirts.

  • Eric Weckert | Drive Marketing Group
  • Ron Hawk | Drive Marketing Group
  • Bill Johnston | Recover Brands


9:00 am
Keynote Address: Ray Anderson | Vice President for University Athletics and AD, Arizona State University
9:30 am
Fireside Chat: Sports, Sustainability & Social Equity – Identifying the Interconnecting ThreadsREAD MORE

There is no doubt that the power and platform of sports can help address social issues in individual communities and on a global scale. It can also be argued that tensions exist between the advancement of the sports industry as a business, sustainability and social equity. From environmental justice to healthy food access and workplace equality to LGBT rights, there are multiple perceived competing societal issues to be addressed. In the fight to create healthier communities where we live and play, we are presented with the opportunity to use the platform of sports in an expanded way in the years ahead. Threads between the sports industry, sustainability and social justice can be interwoven to build a movement and overcome societal issues. This fireside chat will feature an open discussion to identify the tensions that divide and threads that connect sports, sustainability and social equity.

  • Moderator: Rosemary Enobakhare | Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Public Engagement and Environmental Education, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Kathleen Hatch | Strategist & Consultant; Co-Chair Sports Equality Foundation
  • Kevin Martinez | Vice President of Corporate Citizenship, ESPN
  • Paul Mifsud | VP and Deputy General Counsel, Labor Relations + Social Responsibility, MLB
11:15 am
MLB Sustainability SpotlightREAD MORE

Major League Baseball was one of the first professional sports leagues to commit to sustainability, and in March 2016 became the first league to have all of its clubs join the Green Sports Alliance. The league office joined in 2011. Through the implementation of a variety of sustainability initiatives including LED lighting, water conservation, and food donation programs, MLB clubs across the country are demonstrating leadership in sports greening and community engagement.

Join MLB club presidents and operators during the MLB Sustainability Spotlight to learn about the incredible greening work taking place at clubs across the league. Panelists will also highlight the MLB’s league-wide efforts to incorporate sustainability in their community programs and the successful greening program implemented across all All-Star events.

  • Introduction: Dean Linke | Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager and TV Sports Broadcaster, GreenFields
  • Spotlight Host: Joe Abernathy | VP, Ballpark Operations, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Moderator: Abraham Madkour | Executive Editor, SportsBusiness Journal
  • Graham Rossini | VP of Special Projects and Fan Experience, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Reid Ryan | President of Business Operations, Houston Astros
  • Dave St. Peter | President, Minnesota Twins

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12:45 pm
Lunch & Exhibits
1:30 pm
ISSA Mini-Session | Greener Cleaning: Gateway to SustainabilityREAD MORE

Learn how the implementation of a high performance green cleaning program can help achieve your facility sustainability goals by attending this informative session. Transitioning to a green cleaning program significantly reduces exposure to toxic substances, decreases the amount of harmful pollutants entering our waste streams and environment, conserves our scarce resources, and demonstrates your facility’s commitment to delivering a healthy and clean environment. This session will provide you with a quick and easy game plan to help you make the change to a greener cleaning platform guaranteed to improve the environmental and health profile of sports venues and other facilities.


  • Dan Wagner | Director of Facility Service Programs, ISSA
  • Bill Balek | Director of Legislative and Environmental Services, ISSA


2:00 pm
SHIFT Energy Mini-Session | Real-Time Energy Automation & Optimization for Complex and Dynamic Multi-Purpose FacilitiesREAD MORE

Event driven facilities like arenas, stadiums and convention centers need to have a well-maintained and agile operation to support ever-changing needs, within a short period of time - from ice hockey to concerts to tradeshows. They are constantly strained to perform efficiently while keeping a large, diverse crowd comfortable. Fan comfort is an important part of the revenue goal. However, due to the complex nature of these facilities, it’s challenging to prevent energy waste and stay on top of the operational budget. Standard energy management solutions fail to deliver energy savings while meeting such a facility’s constantly evolving and dynamic needs. Dynamic muti-purpose facilities require an innovative way to integrate operational optimization with energy efficiency.
Craig Storey, President of SHIFT Energy and Ian Storey, President of IB Storey will discuss this industry problem and how they are solving this for their customers by utilizing innovative new technologies like Automation, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) learnings. They will highlight specific metrics that SHIFT, IB Storey and their partners have developed over the years to make energy efficiency a business success indicator.
There will be case studies showing specific problems like Simultaneous Heating and Cooling, Refrigeration, Lighting – all major distractors to the bottom line. For the first time, SHIFT will share their real-time test results and independent third party validation from a global engineering firm and a utility.

  • Craig Storey | President, SHIFT Energy
  • Ian Storey | President, IB Storey, Inc.


2:30 pm
Health & Wellness | Keepin' it Clean and Green: Ensuring Healthy Environments for Athletes and FansREAD MORE

Every facility needs cleaning on a regular basis, but conventional cleaning practices are sometimes harmful to environmental and human health, making sports venues less safe for staff, fans and athletes. In 2015, the Green Sports Alliance released its Greener Cleaning Playbook, a resource designed to help sports facilities reduce negative environmental and health impacts associated with cleaning sports venues. This Playbook serves as a guide for creating a successful greener cleaning program, and offers comprehensive guidance on how to select cleaning products and services that are safe for the environment as well as the people who use them.

This session will continue the narrative and build upon the better practices and products outlined in the Greener Cleaning Playbook to help our members build greener cleaning programs. Practitioners and industry experts will present case studies of successful programs, share tools available to promote the use of certified cleaning products, and discuss the ways in which greener cleaning programs fit into the larger sustainability programs in place at venues.

  • Moderator: Tim Reeve | President, Reeve Consulting
  • Steve Ashkin | President, The Ashkin Group
  • Mark Petruzzi | SVP of Outreach & Strategic Relations, Green Seal, Inc.
  • Katy Severinsen | Regional Director of Facilities, Sports and Entertainment Aramark
Design & Innovation | Trends in High-Performance Sports Venue DesignREAD MORE

If you are seeking evidence for the rapid advancement of the green sports movement, you need look no further than the new venues currently in development. From Atlanta, to Sacramento, to Edmonton and elsewhere, new sports venues are pushing the design envelope and vying to be the 'greenest' venue yet. In this session, we will hear from several firms driving the development of new greener venues. The firms of Henderson Engineers, BuroHappold, and WSP are distinct and often competitive; yet this friendly competition drives a rivalry that fosters innovation. The winner? The clients. Come see four design trends presented as short vignettes by each firm and be treated to a moderated panel where you will be able to pick the brain of these industry experts in the fields of façade performance, energy performance, thermal comfort, and air quality.

  • Moderator: Chris DeVolder | Vice President, Sustainable Design Leader of Sports + Recreation + Entertainment, HOK
  • Ryan Evans | Director of Sustainability, Co-Director of Henderson Research, Henderson Engineers, Inc.
  • Julie Janiski | Senior Designer, Analytics, BuroHappold
  • Adam Kyle | Senior Associate, Built Ecology, WSP, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Collegiate Sports | Green for the Win: Making the Case for Collegiate Sports GreeningREAD MORE
Some of the best examples of successful partnerships around sustainability in sports come from the collegiate realm. With such a diverse array of stakeholders--from staff of various departments, to students, to faculty, to venue operating partners and marketing agencies--colleges and universities are forging unique partnerships to achieve unprecedented results. And the insights they are gaining in the process are valuable to everyone working on advancing sustainability in and through sports. This session will feature presentations and roundtable discussions from major institutions/athletic programs on topics including zero waste, transportation, collegiate/professional sports collaboration, and student leadership of programs.
  • Jeff Farrell | Facility Operations Manager, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, USC
  • Caryn Hojnicki | Sustainability Coordinator, Indiana University Athletics Department
  • Liz Storn | Program Coordinator, University of Florida, Office of Sustainability
  • Kerri Strand | Sustainability Solutions Manager, UPS
Powerful Partnerships | Non Traditional Collaborations for a More Sustainable Game DayREAD MORE

From stadium operations to fan experience, a sports venue is a fantastic platform to drive increased awareness and action for sustainability. Please join us for this panel discussion on how to better leverage sponsorships and corporate relationships to enhance fan participation in a more sustainable game day. In this discussion, we will highlight several programs that are designed to both reduce stadium footprints and actively engage, educate, and inspire fans in the process.

  • Moderator: Charlene Wall Warren | Director of Sustainability, BASF
  • Doug Behar | VP, Stadium Operations, New York Yankees
  • Jeff Fernandez | VP, Business Development + Ventures, New York Jets
  • Joe Myhra | VP Ballpark Operations, Seattle Mariners
  • Meagan Smith | Director, PepsiCo Recycling
Hot Topics | Playing The Field: Exploring Sustainability In Turf ManagementREAD MORE

Sports field managers have long been known as dedicated to field and facility management practices that minimize impacts on the environment. In 2016, the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) developed the Environmental Facility Certification program to promote environmental stewardship and awareness by documenting the impacts of their management practice on the environment. The program allows a facility to adopt a set of environmental principles to guide management practices of its sports fields, setting a framework for environmentally sound field supervision. Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros, is in the process of obtaining Certification. Earning Certification validates the facility’s continuing commitment to protect and preserve the ecosystem. Officially adopting the principles demonstrates dedication to caring for the environment now and ensuring future generations have safe, sustainable fields for play. This session will feature two field managers from the Houston Astros and Iowa State University that will walk the audience through the STMA Environmental Facility Certification process and better practices and strategies in field management that can reduce environmental impact.

  • Moderator: Dan Bergstrom | Director of Major League Field Operations, Houston Astros
  • Tim VanLoo | Manager of Athletic Turf + Grounds, Iowa State University
Lessons from the Field | Golf's Sustainability Agenda: The Power of CollaborationREAD MORE

Golf is a sport and industry with deep traditions and global reach, that is beginning to embrace sustainability around the world. The golf industry plays a critical role in enhancing natural green spaces within communities and providing an outdoor activity for millions, and it is also responsible for driving more than $70 billion in revenue into the global economy. This interactive panel discussion incorporates the expertise of golf, sustainability, and marketing industry professionals, translating individual knowledge and experience into useful insights on the power of partnership. The panelists have firsthand, compelling insights on the power of partnership, on topics including diversity challenges within golf, marketing and corporate social responsibility opportunities, natural resource management and waste reduction, sustainable events, private/public golf club management, and the industry’s global (positive) impact opportunity. The goal of this panel conversation is to enlighten the audience as to the benefits of the golf industry and its partners/supporters working together toward a common goal rooted in sustainability.

  • Moderator: Aubrey McCormick | CEO, IMPACT 360; Former Pro Golfer
  • Eddie Ainsworth | Executive Director, PGA Colorado
  • J. Rhett Evans | CEO, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
  • Patrick R. Finlen | CGCS, General Manager, The Olympic Club and Former President of GCSAA
  • Seth Gregg | COO, The Club Foundation, Club Managers Association of America
  • Gina Rizzi | President, ARCUS Marketing Group, LLC and Co-Founder of IMPACT 360
4:15 pm
Closing Session: Chatting with the ChampsREAD MORE

Professional athletes rank as some of the most influential individuals in our society. They have the ability to captivate fans and rally entire communities around a single team, and even a personal cause. Athletes understand that healthy schools, streets and communities are necessary to maintain the sports we all love to play. As they have done in the past with many social causes, professional athletes are now beginning to advocate on behalf of the environment. Whether participating in team community outreach projects, advocating through social and traditional media or pursuing careers focused in the environmental industry following play, professional athletes can have a strong influence in encouraging behavior change and environmental responsibility among millions of fans. This panel will explore how current and former athletes have stepped up to bat for the planet, and how their teams, venues and sponsors can help amplify their efforts.

  • Introduction: Angela Woods | Director, Corporate Citizenship, ESPN
  • Moderator: Abe Madkour | Executive Editor, SportsBusiness Journal
  • Anya Alvarez | Former Professional Golfer, LPGA
  • Rick Barry | Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Charlie Enright | Co-Founder/Skipper, 55 South
  • Brody Leven | Adventure Skier & Storyteller
  • Ovie Mughelli | Retired NFL Player; Founder, Ovie Mughelli Foundation

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